måndag 25 december 2017

It´s not to late to join....

Don´t forget about this fun and easy challenge for a chance to win some great new stamps from Scribbles Design!

Have you had the opportunity to participate in our Christmas Carol Celebrationyet? You are not going to want to miss your chance to win some fabby new Christmas images. From December 1st to December 5th we had a special Christmas Carol Celebration. We assigned simple tasks to do, related to a Christmas Carol. Complete the task of the day and have a chance to win a special prize. While the celebration itself is done, you have until January 5th, 2018 to complete all tasksfor your chance to win the prizes from any of the days you have participated in.

If you missed the first day's task, please click HERE to participate. For Day Two, click HERE, for Day Three, click HERE, for Day Four, click HERE, and finally, for Day Five click HERE.

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