tisdag 16 augusti 2022


 Hello Everyone,

Hope you are all well!

We are back at SCRIBBLES DESIGN 

and we are celebrating 9 years in the business!

This year the theme for our birthday is

*Create a project using a MANDALA or ZENTANGLE as the focus of your project. If you need an example of what a mandala or zentange is, click HERE to check out a selection of images in the store from this category. You can also use the freebie provided over at the challenge page!*

We have thought of a special way to celebrate this event and we hope you will enjoy it too. So please check out the way you can enter and play along for a chance to win even more images from Sandy´s wonderful Scribbles Designs over HERE.

I have used an image called 

I kept the card rather simple since I like the mandala to be the center piece of the card. I therefore picked black, red and white for my colours. I found a pattern paper with wine bottles that I thought fitted very well.

So I hope you like my card and that you want to play along both with our monthly challenge and with our 9 year celebration special!

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  1. Thank you for the gorgeous sample card - it was a big help in doing the puzzle challenge!